In the heart of Malta’s historic capital, Valletta, stands the Chamber of Advocates, an emblem of legal integrity and professional excellence that has been a pillar of the Maltese legal community since its inception in 1877. In this article by, we’ll delve into the organization.

Known locally as Kamra tal-Avukati, this autonomous, non-governmental organization plays a critical role in the advocacy, regulation, and education of the legal profession in Malta.

Funded through membership fees and various activities, the Chamber represents around 800 registered lawyers, negotiating on their behalf with governmental and regulatory authorities to ensure the highest standards of legal ethics and professionalism in the Laws of Malta. Beyond its lobbying and consultative functions, the Advocates Chamber organizes a plethora of seminars, lectures, and conferences designed to keep its members at the forefront of legal developments and procedural law, thereby fostering an environment of continuous learning and professional growth.

Membership in the Chamber not only provides advocates with a voice in the broader legal landscape but also offers access to invaluable resources such as international due-diligence reporting services, discounts on educational events, and a subscription to the “Law and Practice” magazine, among other benefits. The Chamber’s website further serves as a critical resource, offering access to a comprehensive directory of members, a wealth of legal documents, and updates on the latest in the legal laws, profession and related job vacancies, underscoring its commitment to supporting the legal community at every level.

As the custodian of legal professionalism in Malta, the Chamber of Advocates remains a steadfast advocate for its members, ensuring the continued elevation of standards and ethics within the profession and safeguarding the interests of both practitioners and the public in the ever-evolving landscape of Maltese law.

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